Women in Chile with their new EPES-supplied wheelbarrows

Holly is involved with the Chilean organization EPES, which has been doing an enormous amount of work in Chile following the huge earthquake in 2010.

Art & Activism: Chile Earthquake Update

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Click here to read about the EPES/Chile Healthcare Training Opportunity.

EPES Work in Chile in Response to the Earthquake

I just received these photos from my friend Karen Anderson who is co-founder of EPES. They have been doing extraordinary ongoing work in some of the poorest and least served communities that were hit by the earthquake. But EPES is not a charity. They work to empower people to have control of their own lives. In these photos, you see women who refused to be moved away from what was left of their homes at the sea. They said if they left, the government would never let them come back and developers would move in. They do not want handouts, they want meaningful lives. So EPES raised money so they could winterize their homes and to buy them wheelbarrows and boots, which allow them to do the hard work of collecting seaweed to sell.

Epes wheelbarrows





EPES, with the help of Mercy Corp, put together backpacks for all the children in the community which among other things, included pencils, paper and a stuffed animal to hug in these difficult times. Karen and the community doctor, whose name I'm sorry I don't remember, are visiting the women by the sea.









EPES Chile Healthcare Training Opportunity

Dear Friends in Healthcare and Community Organizing,
EPES is the organization I have worked with in Chile for several years. They have their 3rd annual international training coming up. It is a spectacular week where they share the ways in which they have survived and flourished for 30 years - through the dictatorship, through earthquakes! Can your organization send someone to the training? Can you go as an individual? Great learning experience. Must know Spanish! Click this link to learn about this opportunity.


Sharing 30 Years of Work for Health and Dignity
Participatory and Community-Based Strategies for Health
When: January 3 to 14, 2012
Where: Santiago and Concepción Chile

The training course combines classroom debate with hands-on learning with EPES-trained community health teams. EPES invites you to experience the participatory popular education strategies used during our 30 years of community action for health and dignity in Chile. The course will allow you to get to know Chile from the vantage point of the urban poor and their fight for the right to health in the context of political transition, health sector privatization, poverty and profound socio-cultural change.

The course is directed towards public health students and professionals, educators, church and global mission workers, activists for social justice and development.

Please go to www.epes.cl for further information. The flier with complete information is attached.

We look forward to an amazing class with students from throughout the world who are interested in a truly unique learning experience.

Warm regards,
Karen Anderson
Escuela International, EPES

Rosario Castillo
Executive Director
Fundación EPES