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28 newly recorded songs extending from Holly's distinctive songwriting to material written or sung by artists including Irving Berlin, Jacques Brel, Ferron, Gnarls Barkley, Bernice Reagon, and Keb Mo. It's an extraordinary collection showing the wide expanse of Holly's stylistic virtuosity and her musical interests - love songs, standards, timely reflections on our world - all with conscience, some with humor, all in her unique, strong voice.She is accompanied on the journey by 22 outstanding musicians and vocalists, each contributing to the variety of sounds and styles. This reflective, tender, passionate, joyful, thoughtful collection of songs will warm you heart and stir your soul.

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came to sing

Holly and emma’s revolution put their unique vocal stamp on songs from Holly’s repertoire. Eleven tracks include old favorites such as Listen to the Voices, Sky Dances, and Fired Up along with new arrangements of Study War No More and Sail Away Lady, Pat Humphries' Swimming to the Other Side, and Rick Burkhardt's (The Prince Myshkins) Ministry of Oil.

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This historic live recording of the 1984 Peace in the Americas Tour with Holly Near and Inti Illimani is full of emotion, high energy and a united focus to end the Pinochet reign of terror. The reissue includes additional material that did not fit on the original recording as well as bonus tracks that represent creative collaborations between Near, Mercedes Sosa, Quique Cruz, and Adrienne Torf.

Buy now Sing To Me The Dream: Un Canto Solidario - Adrienne Torf, Holly Near, Inti Illimani, Mercedes Sosa & Quique Cruz

show up

Holly Near sings her own work as well as songs by Jackson Browne, Jane Siberry, Laura Love, Cheryl Wheeler, and others. I Am Willing is a powerful hymn of hope and tradition; Somebody's Jail reflects on the condition of women in the world, while I Want You Gone Too ... well, guess who that is about?!

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Holly Near's sense of justice, sense of culture, and sense of humor continue to delight and astound. The material on this recording keeps her solidly positioned as one of the nation's finest political artists. Long time fans rate this as one of her best recordings ever!

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and still we sing

AND STILL WE SING: The Outspoken Collection (2-CD set)
A collection of 37 songs (mostly from out of print recordings) is emotionally intense and politically articulate. Live and studio performances, duets with Mercedes Sosa, rousing songs with Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Ronnie Gilbert, passionate vocal collaborations with Rhiannon and Brian Green, a tender lullaby with Inti Illimani, and anthems like Singing For Our Lives and The Great Peace March.

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simply love

SIMPLY LOVE: The Women's Music Collection (2-CD set)
Recorded between 1974 and 2000, these songs document the height of the feminist and lesbian feminist movements. Songs of joy, love, hardship, fear, and vigilance. For old timers, this is a lovely walk down memory lane -- an acknowledgement of a terrific era -- and for the young and curious, some herstory and perspective.

Simply Love - Holly Near


HARP: A Time to Sing! (2-CD set)
Historical live recording (1984) with Holly, Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert and Arlo Gutrhie, expanded to include 26 songs and wonderful storytelling. This treasure is a beautiful slice of history, but it is also powerful and contemporary. Pete and Ronnie are at their spectacular best. Holly and Arlo, singing with their mentors, bring great humor and tenderness.

Holly Near


This collection highlights the collaborative work between Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert - both powerful political singers. It includes the original and out-of-print Lifeline and Singing With You and additional introductions, stage banter, and wonderful audience participation.


CRUSHED: The Love Song Collection
Holly is not known for her love songs but this collection of 19 songs proves the reputation wrong. Her voice is strong, her opinion about love candid. Most of the cuts include a band with great players and backup singers. Pop/rock to country to jazz, Holly Near is a great singer.

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Skydances and Watch Out were two very successful recordings and are now reissued on one disc. The work from Skydances focuses on the mystery of the life and death cycle. Watch Out is a series of songs that tell complex and heartfelt stories. A recording of compassion and depth.

Early Warnings - Holly Near

cris holly

Long-time friends, Cris Williamson and Holly Near combine their powerful voices to record 12 songs of love and world peace. They include new material as well as some old favorites. This is a limited edition recording, so get your souvenir copy now!

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A lovely collection of songs from the '30s and '40s. So why sing them again? To keep them alive, to keep some sweet innocence in our revolution, to share them with our parents—those who have disapproved of us, those who have envied us, and those who have mentored us.

Buy now With a Song In My Heart - Holly Near

this train

Nineteen wonderful songs performed live by Near and Gilbert, celebrating Ronnie's 70th birthday. Great renditions of songs written by Near, Gilbert, Phil Ochs, Janis Ian, Sally Fingerett, Mimi Fariña, Woody Guthrie, E.Y. Harburg, and Burton Lane.

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Songs from Holly's one-woman show, Fire In The Rain...Singer In The Storm.

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peace march

The words to Holly Near's stirring song and Lisa Desimini's dramatic paintings combine to create a powerful picture book. The Great Peace March is both a lyrical evocation of and a powerful call to action for a peaceful planet -- a book that celebrates the courage and determination to make it real.

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Ronnie Gilbert's fascinating memoir now available for purchase!



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