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Consider bringing a friend to a concert, perhaps someone who has never heard music that speaks to peoples' everyday lives with such clarity and beauty. Holly has a way of opening up hearts and inviting conversation, exploration, and transformation. And on top of that, she is funny. The show is delightful; the singing is rich with gorgeous harmony. The arrangements are a musical mix of piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo and bass. In addition to her own great songwriting, this is a good season to sing a Pete Seeger song or two. And Holly won't resist that cabaret side of her musical upbringing, so chances are you will get to hear a bit of the American songbook!

Date & Time Venue Ticket Info
JUNE 16-18, 2017
Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival
724 Wolcott Ave
Beacon, NY 12508
AUGUST 11, 2017

Womens Redrock Music Festival
Robber’s Roost BookstoRe
185 Main Street, Torrey UT

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tory Trujillo (vocals)


SisterSpace Festival/Ramblewood
2564 Silver Rd
Darlington, MD

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Ohio Lesbian Festival
10432 Jacksontown Rd
Thornville, OH

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tory Trujillo (vocals)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017
Luther Hall
9185 Lexington Ave N
Circle Pines, MN 55014
SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

United Methodist Church
899 Yosemite Parkway, Merced CA

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tammy Hall (piano)

NOVEMBER 3, 2017
92 Bourne Lane, Ogunquit ME

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tammy Hall (piano)

NOVEMBER 5, 2017
City Winery
1 Canal Street, Boston MA

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tammy Hall (piano)

NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Iron Horse Music Hall
20 Center St, Northampton MA

with Jan Martinelli (bass) and Tammy Hall (piano)


My work has always depended on the support of social change movements and community rather than big record companies and corporations. It has been a wonderful way to live and to work and I thank those of you who have been part of that support. Often you ask what you can do to help, so here's how. Email your friends and alert them to my site, the concerts, and to the new CDs. Especially pass the word to people who might not know there is such a thing as political music that speaks to people's lives. Music is a good way to open conversations with people new to political activism. Often times, change starts with a song.

If you have a memory of an event I did and you were there, please send us a short story of your experience. It doesn't have to be fancy. Include anything you can remember—town, date, place, presenters, social change groups involved, and how the music contributed to your life and work. In tracking my touring over the last 40 years, we want to document the activism that was associated with the music. These are often untold stories and we would love your contribution to the memory. If you have old posters, letters, photos, etc. from concerts/events in which I have been involved, which you are ready to part with, please consider sending to the Schlesinger Library or email us. Here's what Mary McClintock, a freelance writer and community activist and recent concert-goer says:

"I recently attended a Holly Near concert in Northampton, Massachusetts. In sharing a memory with Holly after the concert, I realized that many of us in the audience have stories about the times we’ve heard Holly perform 35 years ago, 25 years ago, or maybe for the first time that night. For many of us, Holly’s music and performances have been an important part of our lives as activists working for change in our communities and the world. Actually, Holly's music has been a key part of the "soundtrack" of my activism. Holly told me that she has donated her materials to Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library and wants to use the collection to help document progressive social change activism as it relates to culture. Much of the important work we’ve done probably won’t make it into conventional history books. To improve the collection, Holly is gathering stories of the impact her work has had on social change movements so that we who are the presenters, the organizers, the audience, the community activists will be part of the remembering. So as I was telling Holly my story in the lobby after the concert, she asked me to write it down and send it to her to be part of the collection. I have loved the opportunity to do so and I'm passing the invitation on. Please consider writing up your story of a time you heard Holly's music and what was going on in your life and your community. Be part of history."

Have a good year, work for peace, and show up—the world needs us to be present in whatever ways we are creatively able.